Feature Film

Now Casting
“The Keeper”

Lead Actress
Gender: Female
Age: 18-35
Race: Open
Pay: $150 per day, copy, credit, and meals,


“The Keeper” is the third and final feature film of the “House On Park Corner” trilogy. The story revolves around a house that people just show up in. They don’t know how they got there, and they can not get out. If they walk out the front door, they end up right back inside but pay a price for trying to leave. Residents of the house can look through windows and see the outside world, but the outside world can not see them. The people living there have pasts that are mostly a blank, but flitting moments are revealed to them. In the first two features, we meet the residents of the house and a few people that seem to be in charge, but seeming and being are not the same thing. We see terror, unfulfilled sensuous behavior, unanswered mysteries, violence, and even death that is suddenly and unexplainably reversed. Now we meet “The Keeper.” Who is she? Why does she have certain abilities that we can not explain? Why is she here? How does she already know what has or will happen in the house? How is it possible that she is in the house but only one person can see her even though she can see everyone?

Character Details

The Keeper
Gender: Attractive Female
Race: Any
The Keeper is a mysterious woman with extraordinary powers. She can be a very dark personality and seconds later be a beautiful seductress that will have no problem hurting or even killing anyone that does not serve her purpose at the moment. She wields her powers through the minds of all in the house who will not realize she is doing it. She has answers that many if not all in the house will not want to hear. Only one person in the house can see her, and she uses him to accomplish her goals.

Shoot date expectations

The film is anticipated to start principal photography in the middle of September depending on the completion of casting and scheduling. This lead role of “The Keeper” will also shoot some small scenes in late June. The rest of the actors will be cast after this lead is cast as their roles will be affected by the type of actress we cast. It will shoot on Saturdays and Sundays for six weekends. This will be a daytime shoot from 8 AM to 6 PM per day with appropriate rest breaks and meal breaks. Different actors will be called at different times depending on the role.